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Identify, Discover & Innovate

Categories Design Thinking


1.  Identify, Discover and Innovate
a. Intro

2.  Aspire to Innovate
a. How to innovate
b. Quiz 1

3. Identify Right Problem
a. HMW 1
b. HMW 2
c. HMW Contradiction Assignment d. Quiz 2

4. IDEA Blitz
a. Innovation Probe
b. Trend Driven Innovation
c. Trend Structure
d. Trend Canvas
e. Apply Megatrend to Ideate
f. Quiz 3

5. VCM Value Conflict Mapping Intro
a. VCM Example 1
b. VCM Application
c. Prototyping Intro
d. Concept Poster
e. Behaviours of Successful Innovators
f. Key Takeaways

6. Next Steps and Closure

7. Thank you

Course Curriculum

1. Identify, Discover and Innovate

  • Introduction

2. Aspire to Innovate

3. Identify Right Problem

4. IDEA Blitz

5. VCM Value Conflict Mapping Intro

Next Steps and Closure

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